Mystery Dinner Theatre

Last Updated: February 6, 2019

Morning Star United Methodist Church of Ilion is sponsoring its 2nd Annual Mystery Dinner Theater.  The show is entitled  "He Laughed Himself to Death."  

The plot concerns a company called Gorman's Gotcha’s, a manufacturer of practical jokes such as whoopie cushions, plastic poo, exploding cigars, pepper-flavored chewing gum, etc.  The occasion is a stockholder's meeting.  The owner of the company, Norman Gorman, wants to sell the operation to some big conglomerate, and some people don't want him to.  Characters include his ex-wife who is a vice-president of the company, his current trophy wife, and the trophy wife's compulsive gambler mother.  The plot thickens!

A Pork Dinner will be served beginning at 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 1, 2017. No Fooling!  Tickets at $20 each must be purchased by March 30 and can be reserved by calling the church office at 315-894-4093.

The play was written by Cynthia Quackenbush and is presented in conjunction with the Ilion Little Theatre Company. It promises to be a hilarious way to celebrate April Fool’s Day! Please come and join us.


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